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Handler 125 wire feeds backwards

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    Originally posted by usmcpop View Post
    LOL. So did my wife. Older son said "I'm part Asian, so I'm supposed to be sneaky." Younger one has a T-shirt: "Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign components." People ask him where he's from and he says New Jersey. When they say they mean his ancestors, he says Ohio.
    Kids got pretty good senses 'O humor - must take after the old man!


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      Checked out the video and some others associated. I think I got the idea, now I just need to find some time. Would have replied sooner but having muchos problemos with the computer. Virus probably. **** gay ****. Anyway thanks everybody.


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        Originally posted by dpenguin View Post
        USMC - I think we'd get along pretty good - if I'm ever in richmond we should grab a beer. But now onto the welder...

        So I finally had a little time to crack it open and have a little peeky poo. But first took a look at the wiring diagram. I see 2 wires shown and both white - not a good sign. But it did show a + and a - which did seem like a good sign. So anyway, I took it apart and had a look inside. I could clearly see the wire drive motor - behind some big, scary electical looking coils of wire that I was hoping weren't still charged. I could see the wires are soldered to the motor. Great. I followed them to the other end and they're hardwired into a plastic clip that only goes onto the board one way. That left me only one, not too enthausing option.

        I have to say that I really don't get both wires being white - seems like that might make it pretty easy for a Chinese sweat shop employee with a decent hangover to easily screw up and solder them on backwards.

        So anyway, The only thing I could do was to cut and splice them opposite of what they were. So I marked one wire black so I didn't screw them up and put them back the same way and set to cutting them and wire-nutting and electrical taping them back together. The good news is that cutting and splicing them on opposite worked and the motor now turns in the right direction. The bad news is that I had to cut and splice them. I also had to re-route the wires since they got shortned up a little and would'nt go back through the factory route. I'm sure that none of this in any way will void whatever warranty I might have had (if any).

        I kinda half thought about calling Hobart, but didn't want to (as said above) make any Hobart employees have to commit seppuku. I'd give them the serial number and they'd give whoever did it a tanto knife.

        Well, I haven't tried the welder itself yet since I'm wiped for the day and have to do some setup work before starting. Hopefully nothing else is wired backward or it really might start sucking weld off the car and putting back on the spool.

        It's a 68 VW bus if anybody cares. Looking forward to FINALLY getitng started on welding it! Thanks everyone for all your help and a few pretty good laughs!
        Actually, with Hobart's 5/3/1 warranty, you still had two years left on your rectifier, reactor stabilizer, and transformers, but now, if they wanted to get sticky, they have this clause (which is practically boilerplate in all company warranties), and you don't.

        "...3. Equipment that has been modified by any party other than Hobart/Miller, or equipment that has been improperly installed, improperly operated or misused based upon industry standards, or equipment which has not had reasonable and necessary maintenance, or equipment which has been used for operation outside of the specifications for the equipment...."

        If you had phoned Hobart, as advised, it's likely that they would have told you to do the same thing, or even sent you a spare, properly wired, drive motor.

        However, all is well, and you did likely prevent a suicide in the far East....
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