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How long do drive rollers last?

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  • How long do drive rollers last?

    I know when to replace the liner, tips, nozzle, but no one ever talks about the drive rollers.

    I've got a Hobart 210 MVP, and I love it and it's new.

    I looked all over the net, and found nothing.

    The only thing I see is when it doesn't feed the wire no more.

    Someone a while back told me that a lot of birdnesting can damage them too.

    I've only birdnested mine once, because I set the feed rate too high and was welding wrong. User error.

    But I'm curious... because I never see this mentioned.

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    Thought provoking!

    Basically, my belief is they are not considered a "Consumable" like the other parts you mentioned.
    The only usual reason to change one is for wire size or type. Like an 023/030 for an 035 or a smooth for a notched type for Flux Core.
    Other than that the ones on the open accessory wire feeds at work seem to run through many pounds of wire in a dirty Industrial Welding Environment with no Ill Effect.


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      For home use , you may never have to change the drive rolls. I have had to change wheels, as they were visibly worn. Most of the time the drive wheels I have changed were on machines that were used 12 or more hours a day 5-6 days a week, or/and machines running stainless for extended periods of time. There is no magic number the drive wheels must be changed within, even in a professional shop. I would not worry too much about it in the home setting
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        rollers are long life

        We have numerous Lincoln 215's at work and these are used for production work with 33# rolls of wire. Maybe 1 roll per week per machine. I have been using these machines for 8 years. Two are only about 6 years old. All have original drive roles. Maybe once or twice a year there could be a slippage of the wire and it is usually caused by a flake of something stuck in the groove. Just run your fingernail through the groove a few times if you see any copper flakes. Serrated drive rolls for flux core could leave a lot of metal dust in the drive area so blow it out occasionally. I imagine stainless could wear drive rolls faster.
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