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Wire feeder jamming

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  • Wire feeder jamming

    Hi All,
    I have a Miller xmt350 with a 22A wire feeder, neither of which I have used for a year or so. Trying to get the mig working again and the wire feeder is kind of jamming. Not a steady feed. starts, stops, starts, etc.
    Being a bit of a rookie I'm not sure what else to look for. I released the roller tension and pulled the wire by hand. It was pretty hard to pull through but I was able.
    Can anyone give me a little troubleshooting guidance?
    By the way the xmt 350 does have a pulse mig setting and that is not the issue. I have it set to mig.

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    You should not have to use much force to pull, or push, the wire through.
    Sounds like the liner got messed up.
    Replace it.


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      Do you have the correct contact tip installed for the wire diameter you have installed on the feeder?

      How tight is your spool hub tension?
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        let me try it out!

        If you can not figure out the problem I would be glad to look at it. Is there any rust on the wire?
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          There are only 3 factors....feedroll pressure, bad liner, or contact tip. The extreme is corroded wire. Process of elemination. Hope it workks out for you. Well maybe one more, in correct wire size per contact tip.


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            Letting it sit that long, it may be corroded wire that is getting hung up.

            Watch the insides when you pull the trigger and see what happens. Do the rollers start and stop or do they move steadily and the wire just stops intermittently. If the latter is the case, it might be too much spool tension or the wire is getting hung up elsewhere (liner, contact tip).