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Wire will not feed

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  • Wire will not feed

    I have a brand new handler 210 just unboxed tonight and when I try and feed my wire it will go about half way and then start wadding up inside... Any suggestions

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    Your wire speed/spool tension and feed roller tension are messed up. Look at the instructions in the manual.


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      Check the liner.
      Cut a length of wire equal to just slightly longer that the gun lead.
      Starting from inside, manually push the wire through.
      If it jams before it reaches the tip, bet a new liner.


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        Well I got the wire to feed through finally.... Now after I make a single pass the wire jams up on the inside. Roller tension is set at 2 and the voltage and wire speed settings are at factory recommendations.


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          Are you running self shielded fluxcore wire or solid wire and shielding gas?

          Is your wire bird nesting right in front of gun liner right after the drive roll?

          Is the power pin end of your gun lead fully seating in the bore of the wire drive housing?

          Are you using the correct size contact tip for the wire diameter you're running?

          The factory installer of the gun liner could have put a kink in it.
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            I'm using flux core at the moment. It's birds nesting right after the roller before the liner. I'm using 030 wire and 030 tips.


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              That size wire is not very rigid to start with. Are you using knurled or smooth drive rolls? You should be using two matching knurled drive rolls with this soft wire. A gun and liner must be in perfect shape to feed that small of hollow wire 15 feet. Maybe not enough pressure on the wire. However put much pressure on this tubular wire and you will collapse it.
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                Tip slightly under size? Does it feed ok with out tip?

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                  I got it working... Bought some different wire and works like a charm now... I have been using the knurled side when I first tried and couldn't get it to feed. I switched to the smooth grooves in the roller and it works fine now... Just need to dial in my settings now.