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swapping wire spools

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  • swapping wire spools

    Getting ready to do some body work, so I need to change my wire spool over from .030 to .023. Rather than wasting the wire that is in the whip, is there a way to roll it back onto to the spool??? I opened the pressure assembly and laid the whip out straight but still couldn't get the wire to roll back.
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    If you released the pressure, and it sounds like you did, try slapping it all back together again, unscrew the tip from the torch, run an inch or so of wire out the end, snip the tip and wire off and try again. Probably just a bit of slag on the tip from welding holding your wire from backfeeding.
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      thanks for the info..I'll bet that's the problem..


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        just wanted to follow up on this..that was the problem..trimmed the wire and with the pressure released it pulled right back through the line. Thanks.


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          I am glad you got it taken care of. I wish more people would give a bit of a conclusion to their problem or project they asked for help with.