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Steady Crackle vs Pop Pop Pop

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  • Steady Crackle vs Pop Pop Pop

    Self taught, I have been using a Handler 140 for several years now with very good outcomes. (I love the world this opened) Recently, I struggled with a peculiar problem. The familiar rapid crackle of a smooth MIG bead changed becoming a very erratic “pop pop pop” on the next joint. Seemed worse when I was welding a trailer hinge above me. No change in settings between beads. I chased gas flow, wire speed, gun angle… Any Clues?

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    Let me preface this by saying that I'm new to welding myself, so I may be completely off base, but did you have a good connection with your work clamp?


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      IF you are having problems with work clamp.... Upgrade it to same as on NEW H140 and H190.. 200amp... Part number Hobart (Miller) #257796 It's a real work clamp and not the junkie jumper cable clamp...

      And I always try to hit a spot on work surface with grinder for shinny new connection surface...

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        The things that can cause popping I'm sure are many but to much stick out, bad ground, dirty/rusted metal, wire speed to slow or high, to little drive roll pressure. I am sure there are more reasons but these are the ones i can think of. Check your ground clamp connection and clean the contact surface of the clamp, it can't hurt to shine it up a little. I also sand a clean area to ground too. Clean your weld area the best you can. Good luck....
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          As fireman said it is most likely operator error. Trouble shooting is everything.

          I find that I can listen to a welding machine operator, hear the weld is crap and continue hearing it all day long.

          Then you can listen to how a weld is supposed to sound by a actual welder.


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            Kenm817 I see this is your first post so welcome to the forum.
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              "Trailer hinge above me", implying overhead. If this is the case, were the other welds overhead that were popping as you thought correctly?
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