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    Is the Trek 180 being discontinued/ eliminated from Hobart's line up?
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    PM 180C

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    Hmmm... $950. here:

    And the "list" price here is now $850. and it no longer links to the spec page.

    Edit: No longer available at Northern Tool.
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      HUH.... This is first time I have seen or heard about it....

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        I hope not! I love this machine. But after a couple years of faithful service mine is acting up, I think the batteries are failing. I gotta call Hobart this week, I hope they can help me!


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          check "hobart shop"

          Probably going to be discontinued if listed with other refurbished items. I do not think it sold very well. Something like the engine driven MIG welder Miller had. Too small of a market.
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            There's plenty of market, Hobart just failed to look for it. Trying to sell a $1400 unit to hobbyists for fixing their rig on the trail isn't necessarily realistic, but there are plenty of welding professionals who could use this for all sorts of residential gigs (it's highly portable, carried to any location, no engine noise, use long runs of cheap extension cords) and would pay the coin because it's a business investment. I can think of a half-dozen handyman services in my area who didn't know about this unit but coulda used it for general repairs and would have purchased it if they understood what they were getting for their money (merely one example, I'm not saying handyman services are THE key to success and I realize most don't do any welding).

            Furthermore Hobart focused too much on the fact that it can run off the grid but never sufficiently pushed how it's a 180amp wire feed from 110V power and your power cord is only a charge wire, just like putting a battery on a trailer to power a winch and then you can run a much smaller charge wire from the alternator to the trailer battery.

            I could go on and on, but throwing the Trek into the Ultimate Adventure to try to impress the 'wheeling crowd and then running a few promos thru Northern Tool with free shipping does NOT the adequate marketing campaign make. Esp in the off-road market you're already competing with Ready Welder and Gremillion's company whose name escapes me, but NO ONE ELSE is making a portable 180A wire feed and pushing it to pro's where power is within, say, a couple hundred feet. Plus this COULD be a primary garage welder for Johnny DIY if only he was a bit more educated about what he was getting out of the package, specifically 220V capability in a 110V machine AND every once in a while he can just carry to the back yard sans cord to fix the railing or the swing set.

            I realize the initial price was a sticking point but like all new technology if these could take off a bit more price would drop, but that's a hard hurdle to overcome I know.

            I'm just sayin'..............there's a market but this is not Field of Dreams; if you build it they will not JUST come if they don't know it exists, you gotta go find your market and I thought that was why companies had marketing departments.
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              Hobart screwed up - great welder

              I know I am a little late to this thread but wanted to share my experience. I bought a Trek 180 as a post-deployment present to myself at the end of 2012. I only just realized Hobart discontinued it because I've recently (past two weeks) had 3 people ask me what I had and where to buy it. In my search to help them I find it's discontinued! I wanted to share why this welder is awesome and saved by butt!

              I go four wheeling quite frequently and we ride our machines hard. On the first trip out with the welder an unsuspecting little tree almost ripped the back wheel and axle off my side by side. It hit the wheel in such a way as to pull the two spindle bolts out of the a-arm eyelets on one side (see picture). Anyway, we set up camp where we were, and I hauled butt back to the trucks about 5 miles back, picked up the welder and a small jack I brought and hauled butt back in the dark.

              The next morning I found a hunting beagle sleeping in the side by side down by the trail. Not my dog, but kept the wife entertained while my buddy and I welded. Sorry, I digress. With the assitance of some mechanics rocks, mechanics log jacks, and some steel washers (stolen from the jack I brought) I was able to fabricate two new eyelets and put the rig back together.

              It was not the prettiest weld out in the field but I drove that machine hard for 3 more days no issues, I keep the those two a-arms in the truck now as spares in case I run into the same problem, and yes, I still bring the welder. It goes on another trip this weekend in fact! And of course I use it frequently around the garage for any other project I have going.

              The Trek 180 is worth every dime in my opinion. I wanted to share this in hopes Hobart would see it and realize they made a mistake. I know of at least 3 more customers out there who want one right now...
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