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Handler 120 not working

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  • Handler 120 not working

    I bought my welder last year and due to insufficient wiring (only 15amp circuit) it sat until I could find time to run new wiring. Now that I have a dedicated 30 amp circuit I was ready to do some welding. The problem is that once you pull the trigger the circuit breaker on the machine trips. The wire never advances and the wire it self never makes an arc. I have looked all over this forum for help, I have tested the 2 diodes above the transformer (readings are open in one direction and 0.43 in the other, with a diode test set on the volt meter). I have loosened the wire spool nut and the tension on the wire drive wheels. I do not see any burnt connections or loose parts. So I am at a loss for what is wrong. Am I missing something or is there a gremlin in my welder. Please help I have a car that needs restoring.