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Handler 187 will not turn on

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  • Handler 187 will not turn on

    I was welding an exhaust for my new car last night when I heard a loud pop and the breaker in my garage blew. I waited a couple of minutes, flipped it back on, and tried to power the welder back on, but the welder will not turn on.

    The fan does not turn on, nor do I hear anything when I flip the power switch to ON. Nothing happens if I press the trigger on the gun.

    I verified that I'm getting the correct voltages in to the welder outlet.
    I've got power coming into the welder through the power cord.
    The power switch on the front of the welder is functioning properly, I tried bypassing the switch as well.
    The breaker on the back of the welder did not trip, there is continuity between both sides of that.
    The thermistor on the control board appears to test OK.
    I don't see any obvious signs of damage on any of the electronics on the control board.
    I don't smell any burned electrical parts.

    Can anyone give me some ideas of what else to check, and how, when I get home from work tonight? I read a thread about the transformer in the fan possibly providing voltage to the other electronics so I was thinking of checking that next. Just looking for more direction on which electrical parts to test.


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    There's a schematic on pages 30 & 31 of the manual. If you have 240V at the power switch and turn it on, that should put 240V to the fan. The fan has an aux 24V output to the circuit board. Figure out why the fan doesn't work.
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      IF the welder has a circuit breaker try resetting it.