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  • Beta Mig 250

    I was looking for info on a Beta Mig 250 and came across this site. Been trying for three days to get registered and finally made it. My question is this- I saw an ad for a Beta Mig 250 for $200. Guy says the wirefeed works but it won't strike an arc. He says he thinks it may be a bad hi low switch. I''ve never heard of this machine, so I'm hoping for some feedback. Most of the posts I see here lead me to believe they were a pretty good unit in their day. Are the transformers prone to problems of this nature or is it more likely to be a part or parts that are still available? I guess what I'm asking, is this a find or a fish job? Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

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    same problem

    i was having the same problem, I did eventually traced it down to the hi low switch. It has a tendency to feel like it is switching, but stays centered and does not really connect. BE FIRM with it and switch the hi low switch back and forth several times, really pushing it hard into the desired position.
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      no spark

      another thing to check for no spark, make sure you have continuity from the tip to the power pin where you plug your whip into the machine. If no go try changing the contact tip and try again. If all the things I have suggested do not work, it could be the contactor coil is bad.
      Good luck


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        Beta 250

        i bought one of these today off of my local Craigslist ,, i paid his asking price $ 600.00 and to me it's worth every
        penny ,, that welder is very impressive .

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          beta mig 250

          Hi ts2,
          I could not agree with you more. I have run .035, .045 in carbon steel and both 310 and 316 stainles and am now currenty using 1/16 dual shield with plain CO2. I am very happy with the results I get from my oldie but goodie. It is a good tough machine. Have fun with yours.