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Handler 175 Wire feed issues - need tech help

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  • Handler 175 Wire feed issues - need tech help

    I'm using a Handler 175. It has been working great up until we moved it to another shop this weekend. In the past i had problems with the connections to the trigger on the gun. I went through and did a continuity test on the gun and it is completing a circuit all the way to where it plugs into the main board.

    The symptoms I am having is a total failure to run wire. The feed motor will not run and I do not hear the normal click sound when the relay would kick on.

    All connections inside the unit are snug. Thought that moving it might have jarred something loose but everything checked out.

    Any advise for what to trouble shoot next to get this back up and running.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Check to see if your getting 24V DC to contactor relay that should cause it to click. If it is getting 24V control voltage but no click check if it is frozen and you can free the relay or buy new.

    24V from fan motor operates contactor relay, powers drive motor through speed control circuits and operates gas solenoid.
    Are you getting power to feed motor? Is gas solenoid operating?


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      Thanks for the advice. I will get out the meter tonight and go through it. Will let you know what i find.


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        While you have the Ohmeter out you might want to check to see if there is any continuity between the trigger leads and the actual power connector on the cable. My neighbors 175 stopped working two years ago- and it would do exactly what yours is doing- not feed wire. A check showed good continuity between the two trigger wires when you closed the switch and if you put 12 volts on the motor it ran fine. So that was good-decided to check if there was any continuity between the trigger wires and the actual power cable and sure enough when you closed the trigger -the one lead would short to the power cable and there is circuitry that Hobart has on the controller to prevent wire from feeding. Solved the shorted wire and unit went back to working. All the flexing of the cable and the trigger wires run on top of the power cable, after years of use the insulation broke down and caused a short.


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          Went through it this evening and tracked the little bugger down. There was no power going to the drive motor. Got to looking and found a short in the wire to the motor itself. Replaced lead and batabing she is back. Thanks for the advice.

          Regarding the trigger. I replaced the whole gun and leads about 2 years ago with a miller one. Couldn't tell you the part number. It has run a lot better than the one that originally came with the unit. Also... I have had to get in the case before and replace the control board with the new more robust version.

          This is a great machine when it runs. But like a car with a lot of miles on it, stuff will break over time.

          Thanks for all the help. Thought I was gonna have to replace the board again. If it came to that I would have just cut my losses and bought a new machine.

          I will say that this is a great forum with quick, educated responses.

          Figured I would post the current project while I am on here.
          Click image for larger version

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          1953 Chevy 5 window swapped onto a 1998 Chevy S-10. She will be one sweet ride once its done.