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Bokrand Pocket welder - unit5alive input?

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  • Bokrand Pocket welder - unit5alive input?

    Craig (unit5alive), if you're out there, you are the ONLY mention I can find anywhere of the Bokrand Pocket MIG. There's one on Craigslist here for $50, and I'm trying to see if it's worth it.

    -'m jus lLooking for a decent, not too expensive welder. Working on a '65 Thunderbird, and I just need a welder for light use - welding brackets on, filling trim holes, and maybe maybe down the road, welding on body panels. So with the light use I'll be putting it to, hoping to get ut of it cheap. Does it do a decent job? There's only a high and low setting, a setting for wire gauge (I think), and polarity reversal (I think - pictures are tough to tell). Wuld it do for what I need? Or should I spend some more bucks on another basic one. Hoping to get out for less than 200, but not to regret going too cheap.

    Thanks in advance!!

    JP in Houston