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Handler 125 Adding Gas- What Size Tank

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  • Handler 125 Adding Gas- What Size Tank

    I'm farily new to welding and recently purchased a Handler 125. I will be using the welder for small around the home projects and suspect mostly for thinner gauage materials. So far, I have done everything with .035 flux core, but would like to add gas for the lighter projects. What size tank should I be looking for? Is a 20 cu ft too small? Thanks.

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    Minimum of 120 cf. The small ones are way too expensive to keep filling.
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      Yes. At the recommended flow rate that is less than one hour of trigger time when you account for setting the flow rate, etc. I went with 80 cu ft of C25. I say C25 because C25 is stored as a high pressure gas so you can't feel the difference in weight between empty and full. CO2 is stored as a liquid and a full tank is a little heavier. I went with 80 cu ft because it'll still fit in my car trunk; with the safety cap on of course. These are inert shielding gases, I do not transport even the BBQ propane tank in my trunk, that's what the truck is for.
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        Thanks for replying.