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    Bought a 75/25. on the regulators what should my line pressure be set to? Max is 50. I was running about 25 or so. Is this about right or not? Dont want my line blowing up on me.

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    Yup thats pretty close to right. Maybe more in the breeze and less in the still shop, but thats a good starting place to begin with. Shouldn't have to worry about blowing lines since the reg reduces the pressure to way below the burst pressure of the lines even when maxed. I personally never leave the regulators under pressure to prevent gas loss and possible other failures, but thats just me.
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      Shouldn't you be talking CFH instead of pressures?


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        the number is probably arbitrary. i wouldnt think that most of these gauges are precision instruments. a recommendation that ill agree with is for your given environment turn it down until porosity is experienced. turn it up til it goes away. thats your most economical setting. obviously this setting needs to be adjusted as conditions change and why sometimes you just need flux core.


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          This link shows flow gage regulator. HP pressure gage on right side indicates inlet pressure from gas cylinder. Flow gage on left side is low pressure gage calibrated to indicate flow rate through .035" orifice in outlet fittings. It indicates flow rate in cubic feet per hour (CFH). Because flow gage reacts to pressure it will wrongly indicate flow when downstream gas solenoid valve is closed. Any significant downstream restriction will cause flow gage to indicate higher than actual flow rate. To set flow rate without wasting wire release drive roll pressure then pull MIG gun trigger and set flow rate. Then release MIG gun trigger and reset drive roll pressure.

          This link shows flow meter regulator. The HP pressure gage indicates cylinder pressure. Regulator outlet pressure is pre-set to 50psi. Flow rate CFH is set with metering valve with flow rate indicated by weight in tapered tube.

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