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    Hi people,
    I have a Champion Elite and want to use the generator to run a Handler 210 mvp with a SpoolRunner 100 spool gun.I am looking to weld aluminum and yes i know about the argon . Will this combo work

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    Yes. The Handler 210 MVP with SpoolRunner 100 can be driven by the Champion Elite. Just plug the power plug of the Handler 210 MVP into the NEMA 6-50R receptacle of the Champ Elite and you're ready to weld, no power plug adapters necessary.

    When you're welding at the maximum weld output of the Handler 210 MVP (configured for 230V input), you'll be drawing around 32-33 amps off the input line. This is well within the 50A capability of the Champ Elite.

    This is exactly the type of configuration that we envisioned when we added the NEMA 6-50R receptacle to the Champ Elite. We wanted to be able to directly connect our 230 MIG welders.


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      I am glad you did not forget about the old school generators either. This adapter cord has made things easier for me. The straight plug is exactly what I needed.
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