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Part Number for Tweco tip?

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  • Part Number for Tweco tip?

    I picked up a Century 90 amp wire welder, but misplaced the part that the MIG tip screws into when I pulled the liner out. Its the part that screws into the end of the gun, then the tip screws into it (which, as I recall, was like the tips on my Hobart machines). This is a "Small Tweco Gun" model number is any longer legible. Can any of my knowledgeable forum mates assist me with this part#, or maybe a stab at the Tweco model # of the gun??

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    The guy at HTP would probably know.
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      Lincoln Electric Gas Diffuser Part Number S19728 for Magnum 100L Gun. As used in SP125 MIG welder.
      You local welding supply should still stock the part.


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        I believe Tweco calls that gun the Mini-Mig series and find Tweko part number at this link.


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          That is a Tweco Mini Mig.
          The diffuser is part number 35-50 and the tips are 11 series(and different than Hobart/Miller style tips).