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Miller S32s wirefeeder contactor test run

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  • Miller S32s wirefeeder contactor test run

    Well, I decided to take the "Sled" for a test drive yesterday and needed to weld a 45" bead on a joint between two pieces of 3/8" plate steel. I used my Lincoln 180 mig as the power source and taped the gun trigger shut to activate the contactor to make the wire "Hot". After turning the amperage and wire speed knobs to 100% I set the Wire speed knob on the "Sled" to 55%. Turned gas purge to 20cfm and went to work. I really liked the way the Voltage sensing feature works on the "Sled". Really smooth feed and real nice dig action of the .035 wire. The bead layed down flawlessly and clicked along nicely. Of course I layed a root pass on the plate with 3/32 7014 rod to seal the thin seam at the base of the fillet. Getting lost in the excitement I tried a few different things like overpuddling the weldment and weaving action which I discovered was the right way to start at the base. O.K. now to feel the Automotive Starter Relays to see how hot they were after around 7 minutes of welding...Holy ****! They must have been around 180 degrees hot to the touch on the plastic casing! I can see why the industrial contactors are used in these applications. No worries for now though, I appreciate the Compact appearance of the unit and will in the future monitor the temp with some non Industrial applications. I may even install a Dakota automotive cylinder head temp guage on the front of the unit since it has a cutout. Coming soon is contactor install on a Lincoln Ln-8 that I'm squeezing inbetween projects...