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HH175 Sporadic Wire Feed

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  • HH175 Sporadic Wire Feed

    I have a HH175 that welds great, but randomly has sporadic wire feed. You can be sitting there without doing anything and it will just start feeding wire. I took the wires off the switch and it still does it. You can move the gun lead at the machine and this also causes it to randomly feed, so I think it may be some sort of short in the gun lead? I know some of these welders have a circuit board problem, so I would like to be able to tell whether it is a short in the wire or the circuit board. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Does this happen when you move trigger lead wires at welder end or just when you move electrode lead? What happens when you move just the trigger lead connectors inside wire feed compartment? Try to isolate location of problem.

    Trigger leads go under heat shrink tubing at welder end of electrode lead. Your problem could be under the heat shrink tubing.


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      It happens when you move the electrode lead. My thing is I have around $300 in this unit after replacing the transistor, potentiometer, and gun liner. It makes great welds, I just don't want to spend too much more money in the unit. Especially with the circuit board problems these welders are known for. So you think i should check the shrink wrap in the end of the electrode lead then? I was thinking about just buying a new gun if I have to, what would you guys do? Thanks


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        Wires break at place that is it is bent repeatedly. In this case trigger wire right as they enter the shrink wrap is likely maybe because you regularly remove electrode lead for storage. It cost little to cut back shrink wrap and insulation to see if this is the problem and repair. I would splice in new wire a little longer of same gage with finer strands so they are more flexible and don't easily break from flexing. Cover up the splice with new heat shrink or electrical tape. Some Hobart electrode leads have hidden spade connectors under the heat shrink at welder end making your replacement easy.