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Problem with Handler 125

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  • Problem with Handler 125

    I bought a Handler 125 a while back and used it with flux core wire and it worked pretty good but wanted to have cleaner welds. I got the conversion kit, steel wire, and argon 75% mix and also the polarity is switched and correct. I tried welding some aluminized exhaust pipe and get alot of splatter and not enough penetration. I tried turning it up all the way but still not enough penetration. I am an old stick welder guy so not alot of experience with mig. I know now i should have gotten a bigger unit but i just wanted something to do exhaust work. Do i need to grind off the coating before welding? Do i need a better gound? I am welding on 14 and 16 gauge pipe and using .024 wire. Would it weld better with bigger wire? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Did you weld on this pipe with the flux core? If you did without problems, your work connection is probably okay. You can always grind a clean spot for the work clamp and eliminate that concern. What is your gas setting and is gas covering the weld? Start with the flow set to 20 with the trigger pulled (release the drive wheel to do this). Make sure the gun lead is fully seated in the welder and that the o-rings aren't cut. None of this was important when using flux core. Also make sure the gas holes in the gun tip are open and the nozzle is clean. Is it windy where you're welding? Block the wind. Then try the settings inside the door; it should weld 14 and 16 gauge easily.
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      Increasing Voltage does not increase heat to weld so has little affect on penetration, It does increase bead width and spatter.

      Increasing wire speed most directly increases amps, penetration, deposition rate and bead size. Keep increasing wire speed and wire will hit bottom of puddle causing MIG gun to rebound or kick back indicating more volts is required.

      If you are not getting enough shielding gas or no shielding gas it will require higher than normal volts to start and maintain arc. Also your weld bead will have holes like swiss cheese.


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        Thanks for the advice. This was new pipe so no rust. I will try grinding some of the coating off. I was welding inside so no wind. I put on a new tip but i will check and clean everything. I have my gas set at 20 with the trigger pulled. By releasing the drive wheel do you mean to release all of the tension on the wheel while setting gas?


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          Yes, most MIG welders now including all Miller and Hobart welders now have quick release drive rolls so releasing drive roll pressure is easy.