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5356 wire for spoolgun

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  • 5356 wire for spoolgun

    I have found a local man with new 20# surplus rolls of 5356 3/64 / 1.2mm that I can pick up cheap. I was thinking of respooling it to smaller rolls as I need it. Has any one had any luck with this and most importantly the spoolgun 100 only advertises up to .45 and the 3/64 is around .47

    Any experience and advice appreciated as this is my first mig and haven't even fired up the spoolgun yet.

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    The ability to use the wire is directly dependant on the available amps of your machine. Generally larger wire requires higher volts to run succesfully. If your machine is sub 200 amps it will be a struggle to get good results. .035 on my MM210 is about as big as I can run, but I only have a 3035 spool gun so it's right at the max for the machine and gun.
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