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  • no spark

    I have a Handler 190. The fan runs and the wire feeds, but there is no spark. Any suggestions?

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    Check ground (at machine).

    Check voltage across the lugs that the cables lead to.

    Is there a circuit breaker on the back of the unit?

    Are both legs of the wall connection active (110 volts each?)

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      Check to make certain that the thumb screw, that is located on the aluminum power block of the feed head (wire drive assembly), is securely tightened.

      Your base metal is clean, correct? Meaning you aren't trying to weld on rusty or painted material.

      Check the tightness of the connections for the work lead at the stud in the wire drive compartment and at the work clamp (ground clamp).

      If you have a DC volt meter you can test to see if you have open circuit weld output voltage at the plus and minus studs inside the wire drive compartment.

      Due to the design of the unit, since you stated the wire is feeding, I suspect the voltage selector switch is fine. It wouldn't hurt to switch it to a different tap though and try welding again. Do not make a change to the voltage selector switch while pulling the gun trigger.

      Do you have a contact tip installed into tip adapter?
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        thanks Dan.

        Dan I will check all the things you suggest tomorrow and see if that helps.


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          i have just the fan and lots of spark..... i also have a call into hobart.