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    Hi Folks,

    I am near completion of my MIG welding cart and have some questions for the experts. I bought my material at ALRO Metals in Sarasota, FL. Inch and a half square tube and flat stock. It's dirty, little bit rusty, maybe oily, well you guys know. What do I need to do to prepare for paint? With my budget I'll be using spray cans of primer and top coat from the local Ho-De or Blowes. I figured wire brush, hand sand, blow with compressor then prime?


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    Yes, that pretty much covers it.


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      Originally posted by Sberry View Post
      Yes, that pretty much covers it.
      I think I would wipe it down with some kind of pre clean all before I sanded, and after. I am not going to mention what type, or that might start a war.
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        I'd spray it down with Simple Green (straight, not diluted), then rinse off as the first step. Its an excellent de-greaser. You can then get on with your sanding and anti-rust primer. I often use Muriatic Acid (its cheap) for a brush-down after the Simple Green, which takes all the surface rust off, Hose it off, then brush it all down with a Baking Soda /water mix (neutralize the remaining acid, then hose it all off will RAPIDLY start rusting again, because now its bare steel exposed.., so get it dry (blow gun, then heat gun works well), then prime it.

        Always use face protection and gloves when working with acid, and I use old clothes for that, as well...I have a set or two of burnt and acid-eaten shirts and jeans I keep laundered and ready for this...also use them for house painting, etc.
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          I clean the material before I ever make the first cut. That way there's no transfer of oil to gloves, tools, work bench and back onto the material. During fabrication any steps that involve cutting oil, coolant, et cetera get spot cleaned immediately.

          Much easier than trying to get into nooks and crannies of a finished piece for cleaning.
          I keep it clean from start to finish and I challenge anybody to beat my paint jobs.



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            I also clean before working on a lot of stuff. Recently did a job where i do all the fab work, sand blast all the peices, taped where welds needed to go and primed the job before it was assembled.


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              i would wipe down with naptha, wire brush it, then use a scotch brite pad on it, then wipe it down again with naptha, then i would just paint... on heavier use items i like to use the cheap tractor chassis enamel you can get at tractor supply company or rural king, its like $6 a quart and it takes a beating... either spray it or brush it on.. on heavy use stuff i like to brush it on, get a good brush and it lays down very good..


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                I would use Simple Green as a de-greaser followed by a pressure washer, followed by a solvent wipe and if you like you can buy phosphoric acid based etching primer to help etch a profile helps the paint to hold.
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                  Finally completed my MIG cart. Thanks to everyone's input on painting. Decided to paint it black with some Chevrolet Victory Red thrown in. Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC02391.JPG
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Name:	DSC02394.JPG
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                    Nice job MyakkaDave the Chevrolet Victory Red is a nice touch..
                    Esab Multimaster 260 Sweet machine!
                    Thermal Arc Arc Master, Don't use it much just got a heck of a deal on this unit
                    Don't talk about it, be about it.


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                      Thank you FWI. You guys have helped me a great deal. I'm getting better and gaining confidence. Adding the bottle made a huge difference. Some day maybe I can reciprocate on other people's questions. Now that I can roll it around my shop.......hmmm what's my next project................?


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                        trying to be cheap can turnout bad

                        u can use paint thinnr to clean the oil of thin sand if u could sand bast it that would be the perfect way the oil would be some what asoberd by thedust from blasting tthin use a precleano and a eching primer in spray can if u want dont use lacqear primer or paint with any other they do not cemically bond to each other check with a small body shop in yer area or paint store hop it helps u i have 25 years of experence in painting