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Older Hobart Handler. Hungry family needs help

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  • Older Hobart Handler. Hungry family needs help

    I have an older hobart handler 90 amp. It turns on. But when I pull the trigger. All I hear I hear is a loud Clack sound and nothing happens. The spool does Not turn or feed. I don't have a gas bottle hooked up. I removed the weld wire and still nothing. I tried to contact the tip with some scrap metal. Can some one help me. Thank you!! JMP

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    It would help if we knew what model Handler you have. Hobart has produced a number of Handler products over the years. If you post more specifics about the welder, stock/serial number, etc., it would be helpful for someone to chime in to help. If you would like to talk to a live person, Bill, Keith, and Dave in our Tech. Support Dept. can help as well, 1-800-332-3281. If at all possible, have your stock and serial number available.


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      Check to make sure that your voltage selection switch isn't set in between ranges or set to Purge. It must be set securely to position 1,2,3, or 4.