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  • Set up / Handler 187

    I am just setting up this new Hobart Handler 187 and will be using .30 solid wire. If I am looking at the polarity right, it came wired to use flux core wire, so I guess I need to switch the wires? Does this sound right?

    One more question, what setting should I start out on the wire tension setting?

    Thanks in advance!

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    For solid wire make sure the lead from the wire drive is going to positive. For tension miller's manual says to start at 3 & adjust,usually decrease, for a nice smooth feed with no slipping .Hold the gun up to a hard piece of wood & hit the trigger, if the tension's right the wire won't stop/slip & will sort of coil up. If you have the spool hub to tight you might need to increase past 3 though. The spool hub should be just tight enough to prevent the spool from "free wheeling "when you let go of the trigger. All of this is in the manual somewhere.
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