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  • wire feed questions

    Hey all I am new to the wire feed welder world. I picked up the Autoarc 120 by Hobart about 3 weeks ago. Right out of the box it was a great welder but it was having issues feeding the wire in the lowest settings. I have put maybe two hours on the welder now and I am having issues with the wire feeding in most settings now. It isn't skipping or anything it just stops.
    Since I am new to wire feed welders I am curious if this is something I could be doing? After all it is a new welder and I am used to arc welding. I have read my manual and adjusted my tension to the wire quite a few different times now.

    I did learn that if it stops feeding in a low setting do not turn it all the way up that made a big mess.

    So could anyone give me some tips to try so I know I have the correct tension? When I got the welder it came with .30 wire and tips, I switched to .35 "both flux core" to see if it made a difference. I am kinda at a loss and don't really want to take it to a tech to find out I am doing something basic wrong..

    Thank you for any advice

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    Welcome Spike to the forums.
    Did you change the tip to 0.35 when you changed the wire??
    Loosen the spool tension just enough to keep spool from free wheeling.
    Loosen the drive roller tension to where it can push the wire off a block of wood with out slipping.. Your manual should be able to help you set the tensions. Make sure your tip is clean with no buildup..


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      Additionally, too much roll pressure on FC causes it to become oval and it will hang in the liner or the tip .
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        I did change the tip but thank you for asking that.. I will try the block of wood trick. I am thinking that you mentioning the drive roller may have helped. I know I kept playing with the wire tension enough where i rats nested out a brand new roll. lol but I have just kept the drive roller tight, so I will try to mess with that now

        Thank you


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          Make sure the wire is rolling off the spool correctly. If it rat nested and you wound it back up just make sure it rolls off easy..


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            I hate to raise this from the dead, but I also hate to leave an open thread on any forum. Due to my working 60+ hours a week it took me a little while to get my welder to Airgas to be looked at. Turns out that it had a bad drive motor from the factory. Warranty covered it and I am a happy boy.

            Thank you urch55, and SidecarFlip for the help at the time.



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              Nice one.thanks for sharing.