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Yes there is a different tip for FCAW

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  • Yes there is a different tip for FCAW

    I know this is a basic thing, but it does help the new weldor out there to know this. This info is for Hobart machines but may also hold for other brands. And I should have said nozzle, not tip.

    If you have a machine that can weld with flux core and gas, there are two different nozzles that are available.
    There is a brass nozzle that usually comes with the machine is for gas mig welding. My Handler 210 came with just one nozzle and it was for gas. It was by the way, too long and did not allow for proper stick out of the tip when gas and wire was used. So I had to grind down by about 1/8 inch the nozzle to get correct stick out of the tip.

    The smaller nozzle that is an accessory and is sometimes black is for flux core. The opening at the end where the tip is will be smaller in diameter. I never saw it listed anywhere and only knew about it as I was in Tractor Supply and saw one. I got it and seeing how sometimes I do weld outside in the wind, flux core is sometimes the only option.

    The reason why it is best to use the smaller nozzle when using flux core is that the smaller opening protects the gas holes in the tip holder from getting clogged by dirt and flux when welding. It also protects the tip from getting dirty because it is closer to the tip around the sides and keeps burnt flux from plugging up the opening and causing a short. Flux core is really dirty and with lots of burnt flux and splatter flying around. A lot of it finds its way into the front of the mig gun. The coating on the flux core nozzle also seems to be some kind of teflon or anti stick material. It cleans up way faster than the brass mig nozzle. And when welding, the splatter and flux just drop away with a slight tap to keep the end of the gun clean.

    If you do a lot of flux core welding, or even if not, it is well worth the $5 to get a flux core nozzle. It will save you time keeping the end of the gun clean.
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    Right you are, Steve. This is good advice. I also run the composite nozzle on my little Lincoln when using flux core and it makes a huge difference in keeping the end of the gun clean. As an added bonus, the smaller size makes it easier to get into a tight spot.


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      Hey guys,
      I have (2) of my MIG units setup for flux-core, mainly for field jobs. I made my own f-c nozzles out of aluminum & faced so that I have 1/2" stickout. They are quite easy to make if you have a lathe, or know someone with a lathe. Also, I do recommend to use a larger tip(.035 tip for .030 f-c wire) that will allow for much better feeding. The spatter brushes off the aluminum nicely. Here's a pic....

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