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Advice for servicing non hobart welder

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  • Advice for servicing non hobart welder

    picked up a Matco 160, WFW 160, couldnt pass it up for the price. whats recommended to service this welder. Thanks. Welds great, will be using it for autobody so it should be good for that application.
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    It isn't like they need oil change, you need to see if it works. This is a case one needs to consider cost of used vs buying new especially if welder repair isn't in your background. New prices are very competitive, a Hobart 187, super warranty on the rare occasion its needed, still in production, everything available off the shelf. When you buy new you have new gun, liner, etc, ready to roll. A Lincoln AC 225 stick machine different story but lots of little things to go wrong with one and some part could be a real pain in the rear, a home/hobby type will never wear a new one out.


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      I read your post again, I think you meant to say couldn't pass it up,,,, just see if it works, as long as it isn't full of dust there isn't much to do.


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        Thanks for the advice, Looking for service/ cleaning ideas, If anyone has owned one of these or has tips on wear items Ill inspect / replace those parts.
        I know the guy that bought it new, he used it for body work for 6 yrs while he was in body shop biz, he was mainly a painter so it didnt get a lot of use, since then its been at his house, built a few utility trailers, came with new full bottle, new and old regulator, extra wire spools, recent gun / ground / power cable. I used it before buying, works great. Guy decided he liked snow mobiling more than doing body work and the welder has just been sitting, this funded a sled trip.
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          Been there, done that (snowmobiling). Prefer welding, actually prefer anything over snowmobiling........

          I'd take the case off, blow the dust and cobwebs out with a blow gun (and less than 90 psi air pressure), check the connections for secureness and call it good.

          Gun liners are pretty generic and torches and tips are available everywhere welding supplies are sold.
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