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First project for IM210

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  • First project for IM210

    Welded up my first real "project" with my Ironman 210 last Sunday. Built several wall-mount hay feeders for my wife's horses with it (1/2" rod frames with 3/8" rod stiles). Everything went well, feeders are now installed and horses (not to mention wife) are happy. I believe I saved at least $200 making my own (had the scrap laying around).

    Not to mention, happy wife...happy life.

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    oh ,boy! just think of the tools you can buy with the money you saved.


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      Originally posted by mikecwik View Post
      oh ,boy! just think of the tools you can buy with the money you saved.
      Naw his wife is already thinking of what she can spend the 200.00 on. besides if he's anything like most of us, he will go to spend the 200.00 on tools and turn it into spending 2000.00

      miller bobcat 225
      miller AEAD200LE with hf tig
      mm175, mm252 w/30a
      lincoln PT 225, mm211, TA181i
      stickmate LX 235/160
      Speedglas 9100X/9100XX/Miller DE
      hypertherm 380
      TD cutmaster 52
      steel max 14" & evolution 7.5" dry cut saws
      2 victor journeyman/3 superange, smith little, meco midget torches
      ridgid chop saw
      kalamazoo band saw/ 8-4.5" & 1 rockwell 9" grinder
      case 580 backhoe for things i can't lift

      if at first you don't succeed
      trash the b#####d (me )