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  • ironman 210 spoolgun

    i have an ironman 210 and had a friend give me a spool gun form a beta 250... is there a way i can make this work on my 210?

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    Check pages 19, 20, and 49 of your owner's manual:

    What's the model number of your spool gun? Does it have a 4 position connector for the gun trigger and motor inputs?


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      i dont have a model number on it right now but it does have a 4 pin connector


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        It may help to make sure that the pin configuration is OK if you can perform a quick test.

        In the 4 pin connector, 2 of the pins are the trigger switch connections and the other 2 are the spool gun motor connections.

        If you have access to an ohmmeter, connect it to pins 1 and 2 of the connector and depress the gun trigger switch. If these are the trigger lead connections, you'll get a low ohm reading (<10) when the switch is depressed.

        If you know which terminals are switch and which are motor, you can be sure that the spool gun connection option mentioned in the previous post will work.



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          sweet.. i was trying to find a diagram to this spool gun to figure out the wires for trigger and motor.. i always forget about checking the ohms... as soon as i figure out the motor and trigger wires i should be able to if needed swap them around to match the welder.... ? right or do u see a problem w doing this? thanks u have been a great help.. i ll let u know what i find out.. i hardly ever need to weld alu.. but when u need it u need it.. such as me cracking the bulk head on my sled... or my buddies breaking the subframes on their dirt bikes and spending 350.00 to buy newones....


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            You're OK if you need to swap the motor leads. If the motor leads are reversed, the motor will simply run in the opposite direction. More than likely, you won't need to swap the leads, but is you do, take extreme caution when extracting the terminals from the circular connector of the gun. Try to find the recommended AMP extraction tool from their website or maybe from Digi-Key. The terminals have locking tabs on them so that they don't back out of the housing. There's not much meat on those little fingers and they can be easily damaged if you're not careful.