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Just Ordered a HH210 with Spoolgun

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  • Just Ordered a HH210 with Spoolgun

    I was lusting after the Ironman 230 and was sorely tempted by the current Northern Tool sale price of $1299. But after several days of serious pondering and agonizing, I decided that for my hobby use the Handler 210 would be a better fit. I have read scores of positive reviews on the HH210 regarding it's arc quality on both steel and aluminum. And considering that it is available as a package with a spoolgun helped me make up my mind. To top it off, I also found a promo code for a free $50 gift certificate with the purchase. I have been welding with my Millermatic 135 for the last 6 years or so. It is a great welder and I'll never part with it, but I am looking forward to the greater capability of the HH210 and having a go at welding aluminum. Thanks for listening, my wife just rolls her eyes when I start babbling like this. Can't wait till it gets here.

    MillerMatic 135
    Handler 210 w/ DP3035 Spoolgun
    Lincoln AC-225
    TD PAK 2XT Plasma
    Everlast Power Arc 200
    Smith American Classic O/A

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    I have had some really fine welding machines over the years, and the HH-210 is one of them.


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      I'm just a hobby/newb type, but my HH210 seems to be as much wire-feed welder as I will ever want. You will probably be very happy with yours.
      Stickmate LX 235/AC 160/DC
      HH 210


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        You'll love the HH210

        I bought my HH210 refurbished and it works like a charm. Paid just a tad less than 7 bills. Get a nice cart for it and make sure it can handle two bottles.....C/25 and pure argon for aluminum. I built my own cart and it makes a big difference.

        I did not get the spool gun as I already have a ReadyWelder and it makes for a great spool gun plus I use the HH210 as a power source for it. And the ReadyWelder makes a great portable welder with battery power. I can weld up to 3/4 inch in a single pass with it.

        The deal available for the combo on the HH210 and spoolgun is sure a good one. Again, you will love the HH210. In my opinion, the best mig welder for most welding jobs at any price.
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