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Trade Miller 211AS Maxstar 150STL??

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  • Trade Miller 211AS Maxstar 150STL??

    I just bought the Miller 211AS Mig welder and am questioning whether I should trade it back for the Miller Maxstar 150STL.

    They will come out to the same price, but the Maxstart is a bit more portable and has TIG capability. Let me know your thoughts. I am just using it to weld as a hobbyist but I can see the flexibility the Maxstart would offer.

    Can you give me some pros/cons for each and tell me what you would buy as your only welder?

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    This is kind of vague, what is your hobby? For home/hobby and general stuff I would rather have the 211. I wouldnt tig unless I had to and the 150 wont do aluminum.


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      How experienced are you?
      What are you welding?

      I have a MIG and a Maxstar (and a Bobcat). For every hour the Maxstar is on, the MIG is on 20 hours. This is for general repairs, welded art, trailer fab and everything else.

      I use the Maxstar VERY occasionally for Stick work where I have something thick, old and cruddy that is hard to clean, or for outdoor work where I just can't move the item into the shop, but can get it close enough not to need the Bobcat.

      I use the Maxstar exclusively when I have stainless work to do - I never TIG mild steel but always TIG stainless. 95% of my work is mild steel, so this is a small percentage of my usage.

      Everything else is MIG.

      I don't work with Aluminium, but the Maxstar is DC only, so will not TIG AL. I would have to MIG or Stick AL as appropriate.

      All depends on your needs. If I could only have one welder , for my needs it would be a MIG.


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        thanks for the responses. I just use it to do small projects around the house. I guess the mig is the way to go. Thanks again.