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What do you wear when MIG welding?

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  • What do you wear when MIG welding?

    So, what do you wear while MIG welding? Is a full leather jacket overkill? Which gloves? I see some videos with 18 in gloves, some "normal" size leather gloves, some no gloves at all. Levis, chaps...

    I want to dress properly but not overkill.

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    Common Sense

    Well Agent86 I think it depends on the position you are welding in. In front or below me short sleeve work shirt maybe gloves or not. Over head or if I have to lie down long sleeve leathers would be nice and gloves. When I do wear gloves it's mig/tig gloves. And of course long pants (Jeans). I do not know if you could ever be over dressed. All it would take is one piece of red hot molten steel droplet burn though your pants and under wear, or get stuck between your fingers,or how about down your shirt etc. You fill in the blank_____. If any one of those happens I bet you wished you were over dressed for protection. God gave us common sense, it's up to us to use it...


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      dress how you feel you need to dress, not how someone else does.

      i tend to wear stick gloves. i just like them. this should get some laughs but i use them for tig once in a while.

      i like protection. i wear a leather jacket. even a heavy cotton one is nice when youre laying all over what youre welding resting this or that here or there. on my list of things id like is just a simple square of leather to rest over the top of my thighs when sitting for longer periods. i mostly wear jeans. i imagine ill get around to something better for the legs one day. i cant buy everything at one go so prioritize

      im probably overkill on the spectrum. its just my nature.

      urch55 is right. where i work is not a weld shop but we have to at times. i hate the cotton/polyester uniform.spatter just pops right through that material. i must have had cotton polyester underwear on too. it was a long burner. you know the ones where youre thinking oh that will go cold any sec now. any sec now. i just need to keep.....aghhhhhhhhhhhh!
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        ...NEVER weld in sneakers!!! The little blob will pass right through the shoe and lodge between your toes. A ritual I experienced one time too many, prompting me to change my forum "handle" from "Evaporator"...which accurately defined my technique on thin metals...

        (Its been posted before...this is for the newer members)

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          When I started out, i was totally **** about dressing up. Long sleeved shirt, gloves, leather apron, weldor's cap, and steel toes.

          Then, it turned to summer. 105° in the shop. You figure it out pretty quick.

          Nowadays, it's cape and sleeve if I REALLY gotta git down, but mostly anymore it's long sleeves and gloves. Jeans and leather shoes work well, too.

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            All depends on the quantity of sunburn you wish to receive.

            When I'm welding, it's a session so I tend to cover up. I'm welding assemblies on a conductive table, seated. I tend to not wear gloves but my skin is old (I'm old) and it's pretty tough from years of biking so I don't burn easily.

            Might have somethinfg to do with my ancestory too.

            When I'm running my Lincoln AC/DC gas rig doing scratch start 7018, it's another story.
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              MIG gloves, Long Sleeve FR shirt, Jeans, and work boots. I sunburn rather easy so I like to cover up the skin.
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                Welding clothes...

                I have an old black leather jacket, a pair of gauntlet gloves inherited from my son and leather work boots. Regular pants, coveralls or long shirt tails with burn holes in them. The jacket is the black leather variety, and it does gt 'warm' in there when out in the sun. But it's something I choose to deal with.


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                  MIG welding covers a very wide range of power and heat levels...T-shirt and shorts might work for one day, next day an armor suit might not be enough...carry enough gear to cover the gamut of situations you WILL just never know.....


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                    Bathing suit, flip flops and some reading glasses.......

                    Can you just picture yourself?
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                      I'm surprised noone mentioned head cover. A welder's beanie helps keep your nose from filling with the smell of burn hair.
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                        Dress like the pros:

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                          Originally posted by professur View Post
                          I'm surprised noone mentioned head cover. A welder's beanie helps keep your nose from filling with the smell of burn hair.
                          Maybe the reason being we get burnt a lot more in other places than on the beanie. I don't remember the last time I smelt hair burning other than when it goes down my pants. I can hear the hair burning when it goes in my ear, but a hat of some sorts won't help that. Maybe ear plugs or muffs, yea that's it..


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                            I wear my reading glasses so I can get down close...otherwise, I might not wear any eye protection...but I advise it.

                            The welding caps ($11 dollars !!) I use so the little bill keeps stuff off the back of your neck and down your shirt and off my sparsely covered noggin.

                            Standing up, I've been in shorts but usually with long sleeve shirt.

                   I can concentrate on the weld without worrying about a burn.


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                              Using the gas axe once I dropped a hot one in my boot. It smelled like steak cooking but it was me cooking....

                              I still have a nice scar and I don't wear my pants in my boots anymore.
                              So little time...So many machine tools.........

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