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.025 wire with .023 tips???

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  • .025 wire with .023 tips???

    Hobart 140 newbie...haven't even put it together yet!

    I bought my first roll of wire yesterday along with some tips. Based on the information on this website I was going to buy .023 tips and wire. The guy at the counter sold me the .023 tips but I noticed when I got home that he had sold me .025 wire. This wire will primarily be used on auto body sheet metal so I will take the .025 wire back if "you" think I should be using the .023 wire instead. I suppose he was out of .023 wire. Am I worrying about nothing?
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    You are fine. The industry standard for mig tips is 10-14 thou over the size stamped on the tip. So the hole should be bigger than whats marked if everything is in a perfect world...Bob
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