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Lincoln 180 MIG / 220 VAC

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  • Lincoln 180 MIG / 220 VAC

    Okay, so I am gas welder and stick welder from way back but this MIG is frustrating. Attempting to weld two 1/8 in. pcs about 12 inches long I used 4 tips using .025 wire and gas. I tried the heat range and wire speed the manual suggested. I tried just about every variable I could imagine. I just get a bead started and the torch pops and burns the wire to the tip. I tried dressing and repairing them but it seems to make it worse. Any suggestions ? This wouldn't be so frustrating if it wasn't for the fact I welded stick for a living for years.

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    Without a lot more information figuring out what's going on is just about impossible, but let's start with some basics. You're using solid wire; did you set the polarity of the machine correctly? Many small machines come set from the factory for fluxcore. For solid wire your electrode should be on the positive terminal.

    After that you're going to need to make sure your wire roll tension is set correctly, your feed rolls are the correct size for your wire and that they're set correctly, that wire feeds freely when not welding, the list goes on for days. Your owner's manual will walk you through setting up these things.
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      Lincoln 180

      Duh....I didn't change the polarity. That was smart. Thank you.


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        When first using wire feeder after years of stick welding you feel machine is more in control than you are but that soon passes.


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          The settings are different for wire machines, the wire speed is the "heat" Takes a little getting used to.


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            Several years ago when I decided to give mig a try, like you I was a diehard stick man, and mig took some getting used to. If I recall correctly, my biggest malfunctions were too much stick out, and getting the contact tip too close (sometimes touching) to the material like you would with stick welding. But between forums like this and some Tech College training, I overcame the problems and actually like mig now. I still like to stick whenever I can though.