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175 trouble please help

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  • 175 trouble please help

    i have a 175 that stops feeding wire bout two inches into a weld it wont arc either. i put a new liner that did not help, i tested the wire leads and they are not broke. i tried it without tension on the wire and it still does the same thing. the motor actually slows down then it stops you can hear the relay pop when it does it too. any help would be greatly appreciated

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    i have called hobart and they told me some stuff to try and that did not work is there anyone with any suggestions please help


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      So what exactly have you tried.
      More details.


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        new switch, new liner,and i have tested the wires to the switch at the machine and they are fine i have took the case offand tested a little yellow diode and it is ok thanks for your help


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          Check your spool of wire. I have had a couple in the past that were wound bad from the factory. Would spool off some, then bind up. Try a different spool of wire in there, if at all possible. Make sure the spool is turning OK by hand before you feed the wire.

          Take the tip and the part it screws into off the gun. Now try to just run wire out for a full minute (set your wire speed down to slow so you don't waste too much). You will be observing if the problem is in the feed part...if all goes well, you can suspect the "weld" part of the machine.

          I can't help if its in the weld circuits.
          "Good Enough Never Is"


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            If the wire and the arc stop, then something in the trigger circuit is opening or shorting out. When the wire stops feeding, can you pull the trigger and still get the gun to arc to the work clamp or material? If yes, then there is a problem in the drive control or motor. If no, then to trouble may be in the gun or the voltage selector switch or the control relays on the board.

            Give us a call at 1-800-332-3281 and we can help.



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              it is not at all the gun, it does not arc when it stops it has to be inside the machine