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Difference between Hobart 180 and 187?

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  • Difference between Hobart 180 and 187?

    I am in the market for a welder and have somewhat settled on the Hobart
    187. From the many postings on this unit it seems to be highly recommended. I will be welding 10 ga up to no thicker than 1/4. Is this welder capable of going low enough for some heaver sheet metal work?

    So my question is what is the difference between the 180 and the 187. I found a Hobart Handler 180 on craigs list fairly close for $450 with regulartor and cart. Is this a good deal?

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    I've ran both, and it's no contest, performance wise the HH 187 is superior to the HH 180 by a significant amount, especially on 1/8" and thicker.

    I give the the HH 180 a very poor performance rating on 1/8" and thicker.

    On 22 ga - 1/4", the HH 187 is a very good unit.

    The above is based on running an .023 - .035 ER70S-6 wire with C-25 shielding gas.
    MigMaster 250- Smooth arc with a good touch of softness to it. Good weld puddle wetout. Light spatter producer.
    Ironman 230 - Soft arc with a touch of agressiveness to it. Very good weld puddle wet out. Light spatter producer.

    PM 180C

    HH 125 EZ - impressive little fluxcore only unit


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      Dan knows what he is talking about - he is the MIG Guru on this forum.

      The 187 replaced the 180 in the Hobart lineup. Newer machine with newer, better technology.

      Also, the 187 has seven voltage taps, where the 180 only has four. Using the door chart as a starting point, having more taps lets you get closer to the ideal setting.

      I live in my own little world. That's OK, they understand me here.


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        I own the 180, and its been a great, trouble free unit, which has performed perfectly for the five years or so that I have had it...saying that, the 187 is widely rated as better in every category, so I'd definitely say get the 187, because its an A+, wheres my 180 is apparently only a "C"...even though it does all I ask of it!...BUT while you're lookin'...look at the HH210, because it carries a lot of pretty rave reviews, as well. Newer models almost always are preferred over older models..
        "Good Enough Never Is"


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          Listen to Dan. He KNOWS.


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            I strongly considered buying a HH180 new, but on closeout for $580. In the end however, reading people's experiences on here convinced me to hold out for the 187. Found an open-box model for a steal (less than that HH180) and I'm loving it.

            It didn't magically make me a great weldor, but the results I get with it are orders of magnitude than what I got on my previous off-brand 135A unit.


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              Toolking is still offering the 180.