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    well tonight i got my hobart 140 tomorrow i will set it all up. and find some scrap stuff to start practicing on. cant wait to try it out an start welding i bought it at. a local tractor supply and so far i think i will be happy. with it torrmow i will give it a test run. ive got some old bed frames and stuff i will try it out on. got a couple of projects in my mind first one i guess will be a. cart for the welder and a box for my tools clamps etc.. extra tips and what not

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    I couldn't wait when I got mine I went strait to the gates I had built for my 4-wheelers to weld the chain on and tack weld the nuts so they couldn't be wrenched off. My 350 warrior was stolen because they unbolted the heel guard that the chain went thru...anyway I put my new 140 on the back of the grizzly and drove it around to the gates, ran an extension cord and had a ball. I kept thinking what the neighbors were saying about it...Bad news is the last ice and snow collapsed the shed so I am tearing the whole thing down now.. anyways Have Fun I love mine hope for a 220 someday and a plasma and ............
    Hobart 140 Victor O/A 450series Milwaukee sawzall Drill press Chinese sandblaster
    Dewalt chop saw


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      yeah i will work my way up for a 220 and a plasma cutter also. i also got a 14 inch metal cutting chopsaw aswell. got it at harbor frieght i think it will be ok. for no more than what i will be doing not everyday use