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  • handler 125 ez

    hi im new here to the forums and new to welding.
    and i have some questions i whould like to ask.

    whould the handler 125 ez be ideal for me or should i step up.
    and get the 140 that comes with the mig kit for later use?

    how and in what ways does the gas help i heard cleaner welds.

    i will be using it on small stuff to learn how to do weld. and then i will probily make scrap things and art. and also ive got a street rod that i will use it for.

    so whould one of thease be ideal for me should i even get one that takes gas right now? or go with the handler 125 ez?

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    Solid wire with shielding gas lets you weld thinner steel down to 24 gage without having to clean off flux slag from weld. It is well worth having this option. HH125 costs same as EZ and gives you the option of adding shielding gas. HH140 has everything you need to weld with flux core or shielding gas out of the box except no gas bottle.


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      i think after searching and searching im going towards the 140. i think it whould be my best bet. and after a while if i like doing this type of stuff. ill get a bigger 220v for bigger projects and what not.

      maybe even one day a plasma cutter an tig welder

      but thats way in the future


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        HH140 is a great choice.