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Where to but regulator gauges?

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  • Where to but regulator gauges?

    Long story short: I loaned out my HH140 and both the gauges on my regulator got broken. Is there a place online I could buy them and does anyone know the part #'s? My manual only shows the part # of the entire regulator assembly. Thanks in advance.

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    I'am not sure about a online source but Tractor Supply might have just the gauges. I know they have the complete Hobart Regulator. You might try calling Hobart at the support number to see if they have them.
    Also your local welding supplier might also carry new gauges only. If all else fails then you might have to bite the bullet and just pickup the whole new regulator. Tractor supply seems to have the best price on them. Mean time if I run across some I will post back here for you.
    Good luck, Steve
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      If the gauges don't have a separate part #, they probably can't be purchased separate. I think it would be swell if the person that borrowed it from you, went to Tractor Supply and bought you a new regulator . If not, your local welding supply might have gauges in stock that will work, but a new complete regulator might be cheaper. ---Mike---

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        your LWS should carry the gauges.
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