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  • Max Spool Size Beta-Mig

    I'm looking at buying a 33# spool of ER70S-6 wire (hobart brand). I found a much better price on the same wire and brand, on a 45# spool...but I'm not sure if it will fit. The 45# spool about $20 cheaper then the 33# spool...which is why I'm interested in it.

    I'm guessing that the HB-28 33# and 45# are the same 12" diameter...just with more wire?

    The spool is not local and the seller said the spool is 12.5" in diameter. I've measured my beta-mig 200 and it looks really tight...I'm not sure if it would clear or not. This is the econo-spool (wire frame), not the wood or plastic type.

    I was hoping someone here might have run this type/size spool through this model machine already. I didn't see anywhere where it mentions the max spool diameter in the manual.

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    I have a 33lb. spool and a 45 lb. spool and they both measure 11 3/4" diameter. The 45lb. spool is made of 3/16" diameter rod and is just "more full" than the 33. The 45 fits in my IM250 with no issues. Yes, it is tight, but it fits.


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      I run 45# spools in my Portafeed, (but it kinda takes away the porta idea). As long as it has a 2" center hole, then it should work in your Beta. If it has a larger 8" diameter hole, then it is a 45# [B]coil[B], and you will need an expensive adapter to make it work. The 12.5" outside diameter does seem a little big. Just take a tape measure and measure from the center of the bolt inside the hub, and make sure you have at least 6.25" to the edge of the cabinet, (up, down, left and right). My buddies Beta 200 measures 6.5" from center of hub to top of cabinet, so it would work in his. ---Mike---

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        Thanks for the responces. It looks like like it wont matter anyway. The seller I was going to buy the 45# spool from said he made a mistake and the wire diameter is actually .045 and not .035 as he had said. But it's good to know that this size spool should work.
        Hobart Beta-Mig 200
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