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Is this a decent helmet?

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  • Is this a decent helmet?

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    I have heard of them but never used one nor have I know anyone to use them. I do knoe that you get what you pay for.
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      I'm not sure this rule always applies to helmets. For example, I have two of these: and had no problems with them whatsoever. At the same time I frequently see posts where people complain about their $200-300 super helmets.
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        Looking at the sellers feedback, it looks as though he/she has sold a few of these with no complaints yet. The price is ok. I have bought 3 auto darks on ebay (one for me, one for my son, and one for a friend), plus one came with my flux core welder (got it on ebay) and have had no problems yet, going on 2 years now. I paid 25.00 for mine.
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          I just noticed that it is solar power only with no battery. What does the battery do?


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            Originally posted by pkucan View Post
            I just noticed that it is solar power only with no battery. What does the battery do?
            While not marked very well, the helmet does appear to have batteries. Take a look on the second page of instructions underneath the photos and check out the far right diagram. Looks to be button or hearing aid style batteries placed in the bottom edge of the filter. Also, there is a "low battery" warning light inside the helmet as well as a warning to place the helmet face down during times when it is not in use to avoid discharge of the batteries. For $49 and change it appears to be a decent helmet with better headgear than I've seen on many of the other cheap helmets.
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              I believe they all have one or more batteries, capacitor or something to store energy. If they say no battery or NA they are really saying no replaceable battery. Why else do they say leave in sun or bright light (to charge battery) before use. This also means when electrical storage device goes bad replace whole unit not just the battery. No battery units I have seen/used had no on off switch which prevents you from getting flashed when you forget to turn it on before use. Units with switch I have used turn them self off after a period of no use so you must again push on button or get flashed. These flashes don't flash burn your eyes but more like photo flash or bright light in your eyes. Still not something you want to endure a lot.

              They can have 1 to 4 sensors that trigger darkening filter. More is better as it reduces you getting flashed when sensors are obstructed. A few have magnet sensors to detect arc magnetically in addition to light sensors. I have not used one of these.
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