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Whats a BETA MIG 200 Worth?

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  • Whats a BETA MIG 200 Worth?

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if you guys could give me some input on the value of my Beta MIG 200. I bought it awhile back, and now have a chance to pick up a Miller 200 Vintage Series. My Beta Mig is in prety decent shape, although could use a paint job. Was manufactured in 1987 I believe. Works great, and has a Tweco MIG gun on it. Guy at the local weld store said the gun would be around $250 new.
    Any ideas on what would be a fair price for it? Hoping to be able to pick up the Miller and have matching blue machines. Thanks in advance!

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    About 2 years ago I paid $400 for mine without tank and a bad regulator. Its an 81 model I believe. Don't know if I paid to much or to little but I DO like the welder. You would have a hard time prying it out of my hands!

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      Good luck selling the Beta mig, people who have them love them. I think you will really enjoy the Vintage, it is a great unit.


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        I just bought a Beta-Mig 200 with the factory Hobart gun, spool-gun, 50 ft power cord, ground clamp and smith argon flowmeter for $250 about two days ago. It came with a small 5 lb spool of wire that I'm going to remove and did not come with a bottle.

        The PO mounted a bracket on the factory spool hub for the small spool. I'm going to remove it so I can use a full size spool and add an industrial co2 regulator/flowmeter to the input (leaving the argon regulator and hose on the spool-gun input). This unit was manufactured in 89, according to the serial number.

        I saw your thread from when you bought the unit (and the price you bought it for)... I think you could more then break even selling it.

        Hope this helps...
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