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problems with mig cc/cv spool gun controls on cc

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  • problems with mig cc/cv spool gun controls on cc

    Found an archived thread on this down in "welding products", and replied to it. Then thought it might do better if I moved it up to mig. Just looking for thoughts and opinions on this topic.

    Several manufacturers say that their spool gun controls will work on a cc or cv machine, but, none of them have a voltage sensing lead and a switch to change over to cc mode. So here is the crux of the matter... You, as a mere human, would have to keep the arc length and travel speed.... PERFECT!! It doesn't matter what type of metal you are trying to weld. If you didn't keep the parameters perfect, you would either end up with boogers or burn through. So why advertise something that a machine wasn't completely designed to do. Not knocking anybody, but if you aren't going to get a decent weld from cc without a voltage sensing circuit, just say it runs on cv only and leave it at that. I've never tried cc mig without a voltage sensing circuit, so , maybe I'm missing something here. Correct me if I am. BTW, the only voltage sensing spool gun I know of is the Ready Welder, which was designed for the millitary. Any comments, knowledge or experience would be appreciated. ---Mike---

    Hobart Champion 16
    Miller external secondary contactor
    stick foot pedal
    remote voltage control(homemade)
    Hobart Portafeed 17(w AG-2000 control box)
    Bernard Q350 mig gun
    Hobart AG-2000 pull gun
    Lincoln Hi-Freq k799(yes, I know it's red)
    Weldcraft CS300 tig torch
    Miller RFC-23A foot pedal
    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 50
    Victor 450/300 series torches
    oodles of connecting cords

    I can fix it, just pay me to replace it first