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mig welder relay

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  • mig welder relay

    looking for some info on a blackhawk mig welder relay that powers the wire feed motor there are two of them on the board one controls motor other controls welder transformer.both are the same and all that is on them for a number is KH/U 30 pAsi looking for any help or info on this relay or welder

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    How have you determined that your relays are at fault??
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      Looks like a pretty standard relay. Pin config is the same as in some of the saws I repair. I would take it to a local electrical supply place and see if they can supply it. Does it have specifications for voltages and such on it?


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        there are two of them on the board so i just reversed them and the wire feed motor work but welder would not.there is nothing stamped or marked on the relay


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          I would go to an electrical supplier as mentioned and see what they can do. They may be able to identify it with just the part number. Do you have a schematic for this machine? If you could determine what input and output voltage you need you may be able to give them enough info to supply one. As I mentioned the pin format looks pretty standard for commonly used bases.


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            Try this link to see if these will work.


            You will need to determine your coil voltage.



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              with a ohmmeter, read coil value, if read 1200 ohms, is a 24v relay, but the best is meter volts in relay socket.


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                Newark or allied is where i get all my stuff