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    Hello guys/gals,
    I bought a Ironman 250 at a auction. I'm a novice welder, I've been taking welding classes at my highschool since grade nine, I've just finished my grade eleven welding unit. I've done mig, tig, oxy, stick... plasma... bunch of stuff.

    I really like to weld, and I didn't have a wire feed at home.
    So I got this Ironman 250. It works good. Only problem is its a bit dirty.
    It was owned by a logging company, I'm not sure exactly how to clean it up.
    Would it void any warranties if I pull the sheet metal case off to check it out inside to see if anythings loose or dirty?

    Is it possible to get any replacement decals for it? Its the same one as is on the website.

    Thanks guys.

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    No, will not void warranty. Vacuum or use LP air to blow out dirt is considered preventive maintenance. There are shock hazards if welder is plugged in and capacitors can shock you even if unplugged.


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      Roger, I'll be sure to unplug it. I think its been unplugged for over a week now, as we only have one 220V plug...

      GilaSlim, thanks for letting me know about the owner's manual.