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  • The Hand rail

    I'm using a Lincoln 180 set at a and 1.5. Using fluxcore (outside) .035 Welding very thin galvanized stock (16 ga or 1/16" )
    This is my first hand rail and there is not any shake in it.The welds are not as nice as I've seen on here but with stuff that thin I am sure I got plenty of penetration.
    Plum and straight right?

    I should finish up in the morning...not too bad for a couple of cabinet guys.
    I did ask my boss if there was enough left over in the budget to get me a drycut saw...Told me to look on ebay and get one.
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    Looks good!!! Only as a reminder for everybody, be careful when welding galvanized. It will definitley make you sick if inhaled.
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      I always grind off the galvanized before I weld, be safe.


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        Looks good. Flux core is the way to go with galvanized. Looks like you "had to buy" some new clamps, you can never have too many clamps.


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          Good job Vince, and you're right on about the cold saw...I can't imagine going back and using the abrasive saw again, after my Makita 1230.