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Busted mig gun???

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  • Busted mig gun???

    Hey guys, I have a Lincoln ProMig 175. Just moved from La. to NC, and carred the welder in the back of the uhaul. I didn't remove the gun from the welder for transport (I know, I know) and when I went to unload it, the welder had shifted, and had about a 90 degree bend in the cable, right where it leaves the welder. Now when I squeeze the trigger, I don't see the spiral peice that runs through the cable turning. It should be turning right? Is there anything I can do to salvage the gun, or just get a new one? Is there a little motor inside the end of the cable, that turns the spiral liner? Thanx in advance...
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    The liner should not turn, but it sounds like it is kinked. A new liner is cheap, and takes just a few minutes to install.


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      ...thanx cope. I got the liner out, and it was a little kinked up at the top. I think wire will run through it still. I'm gonna hook it back up and give it a try...if not I'll get a new liner. Little embarrassed...I was thinking there was some "magic" inside the gun that helped the wire through
      Lincoln Pro Mig 175
      DeWalt Sawsaw
      Craftsman 4" grinder


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        If the liner is kinked even a little it's going to give you feeding problems. Go ahead and get another one, they're only about $12 or so. And no, the liner doesn't spin
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          Originally posted by Zrexxer View Post
          And no, the liner doesn't spin
          Wailt a minute, it is a Lincoln.


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            Originally posted by cope View Post
            Wailt a minute, it is a Lincoln.
            Yea, that means it's a standard Tweco liner.
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              I once kinked a liner while installing it and carefully fixed it with pliers to almost as good as new. Still works no problems. If you can get it back to original shape with same close spirals it should be ok. If it is stretched or flattened can be impossible to fix.