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  • Mig Welder Rating Question

    I am new to MIG welding & Bought a HH187 which I love. Can anyone tell me why MIGs are sold with AMP ratings (ie:180 AMP) but the A, B, C etc. settings are in volts??? Unless you get out the calculator you have no idea what AMP setting you are using. It doesn't really matter if you get the weld you like but it seems like the rating & settings should be in the same units.

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    Mig machines are constant voltage machines, not constant amp machines. That is why you set the volts on a mig machine and the amps on a stick welder. On a mig machine, the amperage is determined by the wirespeed, voltage, and wire stickout. Some machines will even give you an amp reading after you have finished your weld, but you still use voltage and wirespeed to set the machine.