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Miller 3035 S/Gun & HH 175

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  • Miller 3035 S/Gun & HH 175

    I'm a tad confused on the wiring install for the Miller 3035 SpoolGun to my HH 175. I have the SGA 100 control box mounted to the top of the HH175, but the directions to wire it into the machine is a little lacking, I don't want to fry anything.

    I'm going to assume that the power cable from the 3035 Spoolgun gets bolted to the (+) positive lug inside the wire feed compartment, which is on the back wall of the machine, not the bottom as some of the directions show.

    Trigger plug and Gas connections are not in question, just the power cable hook up.


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    Need help

    Nobody have an answer ?????????????????


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      Gary, I have never used the sga 100 control box, but looking at the manuel on Millers site it look likes the power from the spoolgun will connect to your positive terminal like you said. The illustration their using looks like to a older bigger Miller mig and the older smaller Miller mig welders that would require a sga box. The smaller migs had very small terminal blocks which is why it shows a adapter to mount to the aluminium drive roller housing so you could connect the spoolgun cable. I like the larger terminal blocks that Hobart and Miller is using now a whole lot better. Only thing I don"t know is how you can plug the interconnecting plug from the sga to the HH 187, because it doesn't have the plug jack on front. You might have to modify that part. Like I said I've never used a sga so I am just looking at the manuel.

      Take care, Steve
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        Got it working

        Thanks Steve,

        Yea, the Miller manual doesn't address the hook up to a HH175...................

        I just took a chance and hook it up with what I thought seemed to be right and it was.

        **Spool Gun POS Cable to POS cable post in MIG cabinet
        **Unload the Mig Wire Drive Roller
        **Unplug the 2 trigger leads (2 small wires w/push to connect ends) under the NEG post in the Mig cabinet, then plug in the jumper cable (supplied w/the SGA100) from the bottom 2 pin plug on the SGA 100 box to where you just removed the 2 trigger leads in the Mig cabinet, no polarity, doesn't matter how they go in.
        **Connect the Gas
        **Turn on the MIG, turn on the gas and weld (assuming you've preset the gun to weld)

        Hope this will help somebody out in the future.
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