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continuous gas feed?

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  • continuous gas feed?

    please excuse the newbie!
    I have a 187 handler and when using it today..I noticed the gun continued to
    feed gas while sitting idle..machine on and off. I dont remember this happening this correct or do I have a problem with something and what would that be?...thanks in advance

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    Yep, your gas solenoid valve is stuck open. Call Tech support. If less than three years old, it's still under warranty. Should be an easy fix. 1-800-4-A-MILLER can get you transferred there.


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      If not under warranty you should be able to take valve apart and remove what ever is jamming it open, also while valve is out blow system out, check hose for internal debris, deterioration. It doesnt take much to allow the seat to leak!


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        Jake and Mac are right. In a very high percentage of these types of problems, a contaminant such as a piece of the gas hose torn off when inserting the hose over the barbed fitting has blown down into the gas valve so that the pin doesn't seat properly.

        Some users have had success in clearing the blockage by removing the gas hose from the tank and machine in the rear and blowing compressed air back through the MIG gun. You'll need to do this with the machine energized and the gun trigger depressed so that the gas valve is energized and open, allowing the piece of plastic, rubber, whatever, to blow out of the input port of the gas valve. A lot of customers try to just blow compressed air back through the system without energizing the gas valve and the pin in the valve holds the contaminant in place.

        If you can't get the system clear, call the customer technical service toll-free phone number and either Keith, Bill, or Dave will get you up and running quickly.



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          Your dial is not set to "Purge", is it??
          "Good Enough Never Is"


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            Is there a purge on the new 187? Even if so, it should still only flow gas when trigger is pulled.


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              Thank you all! I figured it had to be something simple just wasnt sure where to start. I am still under warr. so I'll give Tech a call and see what they say.
              thanks again